About Windfall Woodworks

Windfall Woodworks is born out of my passionate need to make beautiful, functional objects from wood. All my life, have been harvesting, shaping and building in wood. I made my first boat (a small toy sailboat) at age 8 after reading the children’s classic, Paddle to the Sea. Since that time, I have kept tools and material always close to hand, building and repairing boats, furniture, and homes at every opportunity.DSC_0394

My training and work reflect a holistic approach that makes Windfall Woodworks unique. It’s not enough to get the details right by themselves; they need to be right together.

As Windfall Woodworks I build traditional wooden boats, from scratch, to the highest standard possible. It’s primarily a one man shop. Each project coming in, in turn, becomes my complete and sole focus within the shop. I get up at dawn and spend the next 8-10 hours pouring myself into the work, focused on building just your boat for that day. I can better draw its different parts together. My work efficiency goes up as does the overall aesthetic consistency of the boat.


With a background in environmental science, and a lifetime of seeking solace in the natural world, I have some pretty strong convictions regarding the sustainable use of wood.

I don’t buy in imported tropical lumber, I won’t use old growth unless we know and approve the precise source.

Initially, when the shop started, I salvaged nearly all of the material myself from windfall timber…hence the company name. As the shop’s projects grew, this approach became too labor-intensive, so I developed close relationships with local sawyers. We work closely together to get the right wood product to meet the high standards I set for my own work. They now in turn “skim the crème” off the material that flows through their mill, happy to know the best stuff is going to the best possible use…a wooden boat.

The sawyers I deal with are sourcing their logs through Vermont Family Forests and other small, selective-cut land owners. It is important to me to know that I am using the highest-quality material available. It is equally important that it comes from the hands of true stewards of the land, folks who put a higher value on the continued health of the ecosystem than a quick monetary return.