Small or large, yacht or workhorse, a traditionally built wooden boat is a unique object, crafted from a mosaic of wood, metal and cloth. At the most basic level, each stick of lumber that is incorporated into the vessel is distinct, with a living nature that can be traced back to the individual tree from which it came. It’s the builder’s job to choose stock carefully, taking advantage of each species beauty and attributes for the purpose at hand. Then comes the careful work of shaping and fitting those pieces one at a time into something that is beautiful, functional, and a joy upon the water.

  • “Rob recently assisted the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum in the lofting and construction of a 29’ Beetle whaleboat. Rob’s innate ability to visualize problems and develop solutions coupled with his depth of boat building experience, dependability and easy going nature was invaluable to the successful completion of the project.”

    Nick Patch Director of Outdoor Education, Lake Champlain Maritime Museum
  • “Rob is our ‘go-to’ guy when we need an honest, fair and accurate assessment of a boat in need…I really appreciate that Rob never sugar coats an assessment of the condition, or what it could take to get the vessel back in good condition. As a project manager I look to Rob for the most candid assessment of what we’re getting into. He’s always willing to work with me to conclude a project in a manner that meets our goals and financial reality. Rob works harder, faster and more efficiently than any boatbuilder I’ve worked with. We always get our money’s worth.”

    Erick Tichonuk Deputy Director, Lake Champlain Maritime Museum
  • “The world becomes a better place every time you launch another [boat]. I have nothing but praise and admiration for the unrivaled quality of your work.”

    Carter Goodrich Illustrator, Character Designer, and Former owner of Alva Starr. Alva Starr now resides at the CT River Museum in Essex, CT