Custom wooden boats

A small wooden sailboat or rowboat is the stuff vacation dreams are made of. Whether you are looking for a wooden fishing boat, or imagining a classic wooden sailboat skimming across the water with the family aboard – a custom wood boat is a gift destined to be a classic.

Are you imagining yourself skimming over the water in a sleek fast daysailer, with shining figured brightwork and polished bronze, turning every head as you pass? Maybe in your mind you see something more utilitarian, a weatherly skiff with more oil and paint than varnish, robust enough to take hard use and not worry over it. Or perhaps you want a replica from a time gone past, something that could have been tied to the dock in 1860, waiting for the morning tide and a day’s adventure. Whatever it is you imagine, I can help you get there.

I’ve been a wooden boat builder for over 20 years, focusing on classic construction Every boat I build is a custom boat, designed with your dreams in mind and made to be used. I will work closely with you on every step from helping you choose the right type of boat, to ensuring you are happy with the colors and finish details that will make your boat shine.

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Although every boat is custom, I do have “stock” boats—boat designs I have made before, often numerous times. All of the lofting, patterns and molds for these boats are already complete, reducing your end cost.

I am always delighted to work on and build other designs as well, whether existing, or a design that needs to be carefully adapted to your needs. Although I focus on small wooden boat construction, up to 25’, I am happy to talk to you about larger wood boats.

Stock Wood Boats

Many of my stock boats come from lines recorded by Howard Chappelle in his book American Small Sailing Craft. At a time when the nature of small boat construction and uses were changing over, Howard Chappelle made a great effort to record the many unique small boat designs that were fast vanishing. His lines and offsets were sometimes made from old beaten up vessels or even rotting hulks, and accordingly they often require extensive lofting to find the fair shape. But thanks to folks like him, we now can still enjoy these classic wood boat designs.

Custom Wooden Boats – Gallery

Drag boat
Connecticut River Drag Boat
Melon seed skiff detail
Melon seed skiff detail