New Wooden Boats

Melonseed Skiff

With a profile exceptionally low to the water, the melon seed sailing skiffs were originally used to hunt ducks on the Jersey Bays. Built around Little Egg Harbor in the late 1800s, the Melonseeds proved fast and capable on the choppy waters of the open bays, where they quickly displaced their more sensitive predecessor, the

Classic Whitehall Rowboat

The whitehalls are a classic example of the type of boat I specialize in. They have clean lines, handle well, and, from inception, are designed to be work boats. From hauling drunken sailors back to ship, to carrying loads of necessary supplies to its boat before she set sail, the whitehalls have proved to be

Melonseed Skiff for Sale

I have a sweet little wood melonseed skiff for sale. This boat was gently used as my demo boat. It is in nearly-new condition and includes quality rigging, with custom bronze fittings. You will need to provide your own trailer. I hate to let it go, but it’s time to get it out of my storage

Connecticut River Drag Boat

The Connecticut River Drag Boat is a great wood boat for use with family and friends. There is a room for the family, some friends, and the gear needed for a day on the water! The boat is easy to handle and extremely stable, which is nice when teaching children how to sail. Should the