Connecticut River Drag Boat

The Connecticut River Drag Boat is a great wood boat for use with family and friends. There is a room for the family, some friends, and the gear needed for a day on the water! The boat is easy to handle and extremely stable, which is nice when teaching children how to sail.

Should the wind die down, the boat’s Whitehall heritage will shine through as you row her back to dock. The transom is also sturdy enough to hold an outboard motor, if you find yourself tired out after a day on the water.

The Connecticut River Drag Boat was a wooden row boat originally built for the shad fishery in the mid to late 1800s. The boat is in the Whitehall family and does row admirably, but she has traded some of her pulling ease for far greater beam, giving her the ability to stand up under much more sail and carry heavier loads. A sprit sail, and sometimes a jib, were the general rig, though others have been employed. The boats were fished by dragging the nets while under sail, and were more heavily constructed to take the strain.